What is?

4xcms is a light-weight content management system, to allow people to setup a personal website easily.

Why 4xcms?

4xcms shows a News part, Archives, a Downloads Part and a Gallery. Why only that? Because 80% of personal websites only needs that. People want to show their work, or show what they do.

Multilanguage engine and a template engine were created, and more themes and languages will be available soon.

Actual features

  • News (+Archives)
  • Downloads (+counter for dl)
  • Gallery (+counter for views)
  • Administration
  • Theme & Language engines

Planned features

  • RSS Generation (when adding, editing or removing content in administration)
  • Theme manager (ability to import, export themes in tar.gz ? :) )
  • Custom pages (custom pages with HTML content)
  • Menu manager
  • Language manager (edit an existing language, create a new language based on English)

Ideas ? Comments ? Suggestions ? Need help ? Feel free to contact us.

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