A quick introduction on how to install 4xcms.
Installation of 4xcms.

The installation of 4xcms starts automatically if you have extracted the archive on your server.

Step 1: Licence

Why this licence? just to remember that 4xcms is GPLv3 :D it means that you can change it, adapt it for your needs, without wondering if you can or not.

Step 2: Setup Database access

4xcms needs a MySQL database to setup the CMS. It will create few tables comparing to other bigs CMS, but it's enough to make 4xcms a light and fast CMS. In this step, you must provide an existing database name. In that way, you must create it before installing.

The config file generated will contains a random ID, like the following as examples:

  • 69ba9b-df52dc-2b7393-dd32af
  • ffe690-1df561-cda116-9f11f3
  • fc14f2-8fa352-da419d-4564c1

This unique (or almost) installation number will be used in the user passwords, coupled with a MD5 encryption.

Step 3: Website configuration

Here you can setup few configuration like:

  • Website title, separator between site title and page title
  • Website description
  • Default language, theme, color
  • If guests can register
  • If theme can be changed by guests
  • If color can be changed by guests
  • If partners have to be shown
  • If copyright has to be shown (yes! you can remove it but please keep it to help us)

Step 4: Admin account

Here you have to create your admin account.

Step 5: The End

At this step, if you click to go to your fresh website, the installation directory and the install.php file will be deleted. You can now login, access to the admin part, publish content. Have fun


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