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What is it ?

PEGASUS is an integrated development environment for many programming languages including C/C++, VBas, Pascal, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, Java, HTML, XML, Lua and many others.


Because it helps you to write faster, and develop easier. It's fully customizable, flexible, and fit your needs. It's designed to be as powerful as commercial tools and more. Have a look at features and Screenshots.

Download ?

No, PEGASUS is still under heavy development.

History ?

Well, PEGASUS is the successor of µ.dev, the Python IDE. The Version 3.O of µ.dev was very optimized and different from the previous versions, however, there are many IDEs for Python, which means µ.dev won't offer new features to the programmer, that's why PEGASUS project is made. To support as much programming languages as possible.

Can I contribute ?
Of course! If you have a good knowledge in Object-Pascal programming language, you can get started right now.PEGASUS is developed using Lazarus IDE, so if you are familiar with Delphi, you will find Lazarus easy and simple, and you can get started. As for now, Pegasus source code is not yet published. Once done, we will make an SVN, where any developer might participate.

Pegasus is more than an IDE, it’s a full, unique, powerful tool, to produce high performance software, scientific researches, and more, it's the perfect tool, which will guide you toward the Sky. 

C.Soulaymen, developer of Pegasus.

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