PEGASUS Development process:

Version: 0.1.0.



  • All language highlighting.  <Y>
  • Theme Manager (Manage themes, export them ...). <Y/Ŋ>
  • Code Executor/Compiler (depending on your language).  <Ŋ>
  • Project Creator. <Y/Ŋ>
  • Project Editor. <Y/Ŋ>
  • Auto-complete. <Ŋ>
  • Code folding. <Ŋ>
  • Auto saving files while editing them on a temporary file, which will be reopened automatically, if your PC or PEGASUS shutdown suddenly. <Ŋ>
  •  HTML code exporter. <Ŋ>
  • History of all opened files. <Ŋ>
  • Ability to execute files from temporary ones or real files. <Y/Ŋ>
  • Class Manager. <Ŋ>
  • Module Manager. <Ŋ>
  • Lib. Manager. <Ŋ>
  • Error handling. <Y/Ŋ>
  • Advanced Search/Find. <Ŋ>
<Y>: Implemented.
<Ŋ>: Not Implemented.
<Y/Ŋ>: Not Finished.

Download full development process for this version.  (file is under-development)

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