•  The PEGASUS Source Code License:

PEGASUS is a free software, but it's source code is distributed for the following reasons: 
  1. Education: The source code is very helpful for Lazarus newbies and users.
  2. Portability: In order to make PEGASUS multiplatfome, the source code is necessary in order to compile it on other Platforms.
This means that you can modify the source code for the following reasons:
  1. Optimize PEGASUS and contribute the modified source code (OBLIGATION).
  2. Learn Lazarus, but you don't have the right to copy-paste the code out of the project.
  3. Compile PEGASUS from source code. 
  4. Create a Plugin for PEGASUS.
  5. Create a software based on PEGASUS.
  6. Get some of the source code to write your own application.

  • Note:
  • Your project/Application based on PEGASUS shall not be in a way or another commercial. If so, contact us to request a commercial license, which will be under discussion. 
  • If you publish PEGASUS binary or source code, you don't have the Right to claim that you are the other of the project/source code/binary.
  • Redistribution of Pegasus in any form, shall not harm the authors rights, and distributer rights.   

  • You are free to use PEGASUS source-code on any open source project. And if so, please let us know, of course if you want. 
  • If you are teaching programming with PEGASUS, please let us know.

  • Projects/Applications/Files made with PEGASUS are under your own responsibility. 
OMEGA / SakuraStudio is not responsible about the damages caused by the software while using it or while compiling it. It's not also responsible for the software/codes/tools/whatever you made with PEGASUS.
A credit is accepted but not necessary. 


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