µ.dev is a Python IDE that makes programming in Python easy and simple. It allow programmers to manage their projects, to debugg their programs (using pdb), and to work on a clear framework.
µ.dev include keywords highlighter, and changeable themes.


µ.dev news:

  • µ.dev development has been stopped. PEGASUS is the new successor of µ.dev.
  • Version 3.O hide a lot of new features for Python users. Still under-development.
  • µ.dev now has a forum !
  • Version 3.O will be out late.
Current version: v.2.0
Working on version v.3.O
Important links:


Application (Windows):

µ.dev-v2.1-app.rar µ.dev-v2.1-app.rar
Size : 1.53 Kb
Type : rar

Older versions: 

µ.dev-2.0.zip µ.dev-2.0.zip
Size : 2.503 Kb
Type : zip

Tested on Windows Vista and Windows XP (note only for win XP users: The application's icon will not be visible. ) On other Windows platformes, theorically, it should work. 

Source (Source of Windows distribution): 

µ.dev-v2.1-source.zip µ.dev-v2.1-source.zip
Size : 6.154 Kb
Type : zip

 Older versions:

µ.dev-2.0-source.zip µ.dev-2.0-source.zip
Size : 4.677 Kb
Type : zip

You will need Lazarus to modify the code and compile it, or freepascal just to compile it. Enjoy.

Linux-Based Systems:

note : You must run µ.dev as super user, using the command 'sudo' and the path of the executable µ.dev application.  
These versions are still under-test and you may found some bugs while using them. So contact us if something unexpected happens.


µ.dev-app.tar.gz µ.dev-app.tar.gz
Size : 2.872 Kb
Type : gz

Source: (multiplatforme) 

µ.dev-source-2.1.tar.gz µ.dev-source-2.1.tar.gz
Size : 3.81 Kb
Type : gz

License: GPLv3:


For any comments, questions or bugs, please contact us.


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