Zen Programming Language 

please note: this project is still under-development, the features and the syntax of this language might change! The project isn't very stable yet.

  • Zen, yet another programming language. It's simple, small yet powerful. It's a stand alone programming language and can be used for embedding and scripting as well. It's cross platform. Currently tested on Windows and Linux.
  • Goal:
    • Zen Programming Language aims to provide a very simple syntax, it's influenced by C/C++, Pascal, and Python.
    • Very Dynamic.
    • Write once, run anywhere.
    • A Readable and a high level programming language.
    • It's designed to boost programmer's productivity.
    • Provide a small scripting engine.
    • Create a powerful programming environment.
  • Language:
    • Case sensitive.
    • Interpreted.
    • Dynamic Typed.
    • Procedural.
    • General Purpose programming language.
  • Data types:
    • Integer, Float, String, Table, Function, Handle.
  •  A hello, world example:
  •  Play with variables:
  •  Operations:
  •  Zen functions:
  •  The HARD OOP Style in Zen. (It's a pseudo OOP style! the language does not support truly classes)
  •  Multiple Variables, from the same class!
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